This energy cluster offers professional and academic qualifications. It offers a comprehensive range of power engineering technologies; including smart grids and renewable energy technology, power energy system, high-voltage technology, power electronics.

Two study tracks are arranged; “Professional/Industrial Oriented Track” and “Research Oriented Track”.

Professional Oriented Track aims to strengthen students to be the professional engineers in order to serve the target groups in electrical-power industry sector, e.g. smart grids and renewable energy technology, high-voltage insulation and transmission technology. The curriculum is, hence, developed to not only broaden the elementary of power system but also to update the knowledge of modern power system. Some skills are acquired from this study track, e.g. the simulation software skill and the real-world industry experiences.

Research Oriented Track aims to pave the way for research/ academia. The depth and advance of knowledge are acquired from this track along with the intense research activities. The research areas range from power energy system, high-voltage field to power electronics.

There are 5 programs of study in this cluster, students must choose one program and follow the curriculum guideline for energy cluster announced by the department.